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15 Building Code Resources You Should Know

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Staying on top of building code changes is not easy. No matter where you live in the US or Canada, it’s always building season.

As new products flood the market and changing climates and strengthening storms change the face of construction, building codes are constantly changing to keep up with the shifting landscape. Every three years, building codes are updated in order to improve the way we build.

For small business owners and independent contractors, these constant changes prove difficult to keep up with.  Which is exactly why lists like this are so important.  Here are 15 resources you may want to bookmark right now.

15 Links to Bookmark Now

With code changes happening every three years for some states, most industry professionals generally only have time to skim the major changes. However making time to review the supporting documentation can be as effective as a training course and can give you a much deeper understanding of the codes, how to interpret them and how to implement them.

The DOE’s Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) produces innovative materials and tools to help the building industry achieve, document, and verify compliance with codes.

  • Technical assistance for the construction industry, state energy offices, and policymakers. BECP’s Resource Center provides a collection of information and resources to answer questions and address issues related to energy codes. State Technical Assistance helps local code enforcement jurisdictions adopt, upgrade, and enforce their building codes through various forms. The Help Desk responds to individuals’ and organizations’ specific questions about energy code and compliance-related topics.
  • Compliance software and web tools. REScheck and COMcheck are based on the most recent editions of the model codes. These tools help simplify and clarify compliance with model energy codes, and are used by thousands of builders, designers, architects, and contractors each year. Both REScheckand COMcheck are available free of charge.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) sets minimum requirements for energy features and performance in both residential and commercial buildings.  We found these IECC resource links to be most helpful:

In Canada? Get access to, and learn about the development and publication of the building, energy and safety codes that guide the design and construction of homes and other buildings in Canada here:

Lastly, if you’re curious about metal building and insulation, the Insulation InstituteTM is your go to for the latest information on ASHRAE 90.1 and more. Definitely save this link:

Continuing education is a lot of work.  But keeping up to date with building codes can really save you time and money on inspections. It also introduces you to new products and techniques that make buildings more energy efficient and construction sites safer. Definitely a win-win.


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