March 7, 2017|

ECHOtape Partners with Babson College

  • BCAP Team at Babson College | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

Student VoicesGrowing any business is a challenge. We realized early in ECHOtape’s 40-year history that for our small business to grow, we needed a steady stream of ideas.  Most often, those ideas came from customers who had real-world problems that needed an adhesive solution. That’s been our core business model for decades, but as we ready ourselves for the next phase of corporate growth, we decided to look elsewhere for new ideas. One of those places is academia.

Last fall, we submitted a project to Babson College and we were accepted into what is known as their Babson Consulting Alliance Program. BCAP is a capstone project in which teams of Babson graduate students work with companies to solve and/or address real business challenges for 14 weeks.

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“BCAP is an amazing academic and business collaboration that benefits both parties and we are thrilled to be involved. Students get real work experience and we get the brightest minds working to address our business challenges with a fresh perspective,” says Risa Edelstein, director of marketing at ECHOtape.“Our project involves trying to better understand the residential construction market. Specifically, we asked the team to address the changes that are expected to happen in residential building practices as more and more homes are air sealed due to stricter building codes, as well as increased consumer demand for homes is more energy efficient than ever before.”

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The program kicked off January 27th with a luncheon at the Babson Innovation Center. Twenty-four companies, including Staples, Dow Chemicals, and AT&T, are on the roster, but perhaps more impressive were the students themselves. The ECHOtape BCAP team represents five countries, and they had already begun their research!  The team had this to say about us:

“We’re thrilled to be working with ECHOtape because they are singularly focused on creating innovative products that solve their customers’ needs. Rather than design products haphazardly or create ‘solutions in need of a problem,’ ECHOtape understands the importance of truly knowing its customers and collaborating directly with the people who do the job in order to design innovative products that make customers’ lives better.”

“During the next 14 weeks, we will meet with the students online weekly to review progress and adjust the project deliverables as needed. Of course, we want to know how tape will play a role in the future of residential construction,” Risa says. “Hopefully, it’s a big one!”

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