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Best of the Web in Building & Construction

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No matter where you live in the US or Canada, it’s peak building season.  Which means that high-performance building pros just don’t have the time to cull the web for ideas, info, and inspiration. Which is why we’re doing the work for you. In this new series, ECHOtape surfs and shares some of the best content for contractors and builders. This month, these are 8 links worthy of your attention.

1. Thermal Insulation Growth. Increasing consumer awareness towards energy conservation will drive building thermal insulation market growth.  Last year, the Building Thermal Insulation Market was valued over $25 billion, and it’s slated to surpass $34.9 billion by 2024.  While you have to share your contact information to get a copy of the report, we believe it’s worth your time.  The article and report provide great insight on what to expect on thermal building insulation in the next several years when it comes to the different types of insulations. To get a full report, simply request a sample here.

2. Does Green Building Pay?  Yes. At least according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) found that new homes built to meet green building standards like LEED), are worth an average of $25,000 more in resale value than conventional homes. Learn more on how to cash in on this trend, read the full story here.

3. Next Gen Builders.  Tired of hearing about the labor shortage? shared this great story about how one city is fighting back.

4. Metal Building Insulation.  This is a great technical overview of continuous Insulation for the Metal Building industry. Emphasis on technical.

5. Raising the Bar in 2018.   As avid readers of EcoBuildingPulse, this teaser made us click the ‘read more’ link.  You should too. The NRDC article talks about energy efficiencies and the savings Americans can benefit from if all of the building energy codes are followed.

6. Avoiding Wet Walls.  JLC’s Sunday Update is one of our favorite email newsletters.  But we found this article when researching water intrusion and continuous insulation.  It talks about the how important CI has become in the fight against condensation and water penetration, so much so that it’s now part of the energy codes in specific climate zones.

7. Fluid Reputation.  According to this article, preventive waterproofing not only adds value to new construction but protects a contractor’s reputation.

8. Straight Talk. This isn’t a new air sealing article, per se, but we found it and we love it so we’re sharing it.  Air-flow, air-sealing, air-leakage, air barriers—inside, outside and everything in-between—is there really a whole house solution for today’s builders and contractors?

What’s the best thing you’ve read on the web recently? Tell us about it via Facebook or LinkedIn!

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