November 26, 2015|

Small Business Insights from our Family to Yours

  • Five Rules for Every Family Business | via ECHOtape blog

Top Challenges Facing Family BusinessAsk any business owner what the hardest aspects of running a company are, and you’ll likely get a wide range of answers; hiring, firing, employee retention, delegation, balancing work and family. But what if work and family are one in the same? When turbulent family dynamics are added to the  mix, day-to-day business operations can become a powder keg of creativity and animosity.

As a small, family-owned business, that’s something we know very well here at ECHOtape, and for the past year we’ve been sharing some of our thoughts on our blog. Whether you’re a third-generation CEO, just starting a company with a sibling or spouse or simply interested in some real-world small business insight, you might find the following articles helpful:

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