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Top 10 Residential Builders and Remodelers on Instagram

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Driven by imagery, hashtags and live video, Instagram should be part of every builder’s marketing mix.  Yet there are few who are really utilizing the platform to its fullest. 

Going beyond to deliver informative content that’s more than just great photos, here are 10 of our favorite residential builders and remodelers to follow on IG.  Get ready to be inspired! 

@nsbuilders  Based in Boston, MA, NS Builders specializes in interior renovations and fine carpentry. Their feed is an eclectic mix of practice tips and stunning finishes.  They also co-host a podcast (@the.moderncraftsman) and a YouTube Channel.

@jpmconstructioninc  Jason Mollak is the face behind JPM Construction in Nebraska.  His feed is an inspiring mix of installation processes, current projects and finish carpentry.

@trghomeconcepts  Based in Medford, NY, Tyler Grace is the owner of TRG Home Concepts. We love that his feed is a generous mix of behind-the-scenes information and finished projects. He also happens to be the co-host of @the.moderncraftsman podcast with NS Builders. 

@dettmore101 Zack Dettmore’s mission to uplift the craft of carpentry has made Dettmore Home Improvements a huge success. Consider his IG feed a must-follow, how-to primer on quality craftsmanship. 

@risingerbuild  Is it really a top anything list without Matt Risinger? We think not.  This Texas homebuilder is a one-stop shop for all things building science, craftsmanship, and best practices for building and remodeling.  For more behind the scenes with Risinger, follow @thebuildshow or subscribe to his YouTube Channel. 

@heresjohnnyh  Meet John Hourihan. He’s the face behind @heresjohnnyh and the owner of @VintageBuilders, where he documents “the why and how” on building and construction. We suggest you follow both accounts, as well as @the.moderncraftsman, which he co-hosts.

@battresconstruction For HGTV fans, this one might be familiar. Izzy Battres is the preferred contractor of  Tarek el Moussa and Christina Anstead of Flip or Flop. Follow this account to catch a glimpse of how these projects truly come to life, before they’re edited for television.  

@thekeystonecarpenter Brendan O’Sullivan is the Owner, Carpenter, and #contractor behind Keystone Home Remodeling in Norristown, PA.  What we love about his feed is filled with works in progress. He isn’t afraid to share the details behind the finish, and the challenges along the way.

@mike_guertin Mike Guertin is an aging New England Builder/Remodeler — his words, not ours. This @finehomebuilding editorial advisor, @jlclive and @remodeling_deck presenter is incredibly knowledgeable. We suggest stalking Mike on all these accounts for great tips to you can actually use on the job site today.

@504HistoricWindows  There seems to be a plethora of builder accounts to follow in the northeast, but what about the hot-humid south? Meet Bill Robinson of @504HistoricWindows and @bandannabil, a building envelope specialist based in New Orleans. Follow his accounts for tangible tips on making homes more durable, efficient and comfortable.

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