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To Serve and Protect – Working with Magna Stainless

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When it comes to metal, the alloy specialists at Montreal’s Magna Stainless and Aluminum are creating next-generation mixtures with remarkable uses —from the alloy wheels on our cars to the space satellites orbiting over our heads. So it might come as a surprise to find out that Adhesive Specialist Michael Pavlik  has been working with Magna for more than six of his 14 years with ECHOtape.

As it turns out, aluminum is a very versatile metal, but it’s also very soft in its pure form. Add small amounts of the metals magnesium, manganese, and copper and you make a superb aluminum alloy called duralumin, which is strong enough to make airplanes. However, in many cases, metals and/or their alloy cousins still needs to be protected. Which is where ECHOtape comes in. Magna uses a 60” roll of protective adhesive film that is laminated to 48” stainless steel sheets in order to protect metal for laser CO2 and fiber optic cutting, and when bending metals.

Watch the video above, or check out the images below to see the application process. Just another way tape helps shape the world around us!

ECHOtape Magna Stainless 8

Rolls of ECHOtape protective film arrive at Montreal’s Magna Stainless and Aluminum Warehouse.


ECHOtape Magna Stainless 9

Oversized rolls of ECHOtape being readied for application.


ECHOtape Magna Stainless 10

The protective film being applied to Magna’s stainless steel sheets for protection.


ECHOtape Magna Stainless 4

In process…


ECHOtape Magna Stainless 1

Trimming ECHOtape’s protective film.


ECHOtape Magna Stainless 2

Magna’s protected metal sheets, now ready for transport!

Do you have a unique product or project that might benefit from a specialty adhesive? Let us know!

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