For more than 40 years, ECHOtape’s team of knowledgeable professionals has worked with companies to develop pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions for applications ranging from the everyday to those that require more extensive technical expertise and know-how. Manufacturing processes and materials have changed dramatically during this time, and we have kept pace by investing in the latest machinery to stay ahead of the curve. From your initial design phase to final production, ECHOtape has the converting capabilities to address your custom adhesive tape needs.

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Custom Precision Slitting

Using wide and narrow web equipment, lathe, and Turret slitting machines, ECHOtape converts jumbos and logs to precision slit rolls to meet your required measurements. We employ a variety of slitting methods—including slit and rewind, baloney , crush cut, and razor cut—and we can slit and rewind 1”, 3”, and 6” cores using either a roll-to-roll or spooling method. To accommodate any application need, we can convert most types of tapes that we sell, including: double coated, electrical, filament, flatback, foil tape, glazing tape, masking tape, overlaminate, polyethylene , polypropylene , protective film, and vinyl.

Die Cutting

Die cut tapes help reduce manual labor expenses and downtime in many applications, including mounting, sealing, fastening, and gasketing. And, since die cutting optimizes product utilization by reducing waste, the process reduces the cost of the tape itself.  ECHOtape can die cut a full range of tapes, including double coated, filament, flatback, foam, masking tape, protective film, repulpable, and vinyl. Our advanced die cutting capabilities include: Kiss cutting, sheeting, pieces, and the ability to die cut a variety of shapes and sizes.

Specialized Converting

If your application requires joining materials, ECHOtape offers laminating services that can deliver a product that meets your needs. Other specialized capabilities we offer include: zone coating, extended liners, split liners, perforating and tabbing.


Whether you want to print a logo, a targeted message, or a specific warning, we can custom-print packaging tapes that meet your requirements. Our tapes are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, and your message can be printed in one color or many, to match any colors you are currently using. Applications for custom-printed packaging tapes are nearly limitless and include: branding, marking, color coding, security sealing, packaging, safety warning, and instructions.

Packaging & Private Labeling

From bulk to retail, ECHOtape can accommodate your packaging needs and specifications. We offer a complete selection of packaging, including: palletizing, bulk pack, individual bagging, retail carton, clamshells, skin pack, and shrink wrap. The ECHOtape team is also experienced at helping our customers create private label products if your company needs to package products for retail distribution. Make your mark on your industry—we’ll be happy to help.