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Foam Glazing Tape


Superior bonding to low-surface energy substrates – vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and glass.

Designed for the fenestration industry, ECHOtape’s AAMA-approved Foam Glazing Tapes are an excellent solution for bonding to low-surface energy substrates such as vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and glass. Uniquely constructed for maximum flexibility, our double-coated, PE foam glazing tapes feature a high bonding strength; superb resistance to UV, weathering, oxidation and temperature variations; and excellent resistance to water, moisture and dust for a flawless, long-lasting seal.

For more information about adhesive tape, you can read more in The Complete Technical Guide to Adhesive Tape.

So Why Get Your Tape from Us?

For over 40 years, ECHOtape has worked alongside customers to find the right tape for specific application needs. Watch this video to learn more.