Vinyl Coated Black Gaffer’s Tape

CL-W6033 is a 10.5 mils high quality, vinyl coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish carrier. This product is coated with a natural rubber adhesive. CL-W6033 will conform well to irregular surfaces and will not twist or curl.  It has excellent water, vapour and abrasion resistance and provides clean removal on most surfaces. CL-W6033 has low light reflectivity which makes it suitable for entertainment-type applications where minimal visibility of tape is desired.

  • CL-W6033 Vinyl Coated Black Gaffer's Tape | ECHOtape


  • Used for protection and holding down cable, wires, electrical cords, and as well as in stage set-ups for marking placement (concert and trade shows)
  • Suitable as a book-binding tape

Features & Benefits

  • High tack adhesive
  • High tensile strength
  • Waterproof
  • Matte finish minimizes reflection of light


24mm to 96mm x 55m

Technical Data

Thickness 10.5 mils
Carrier Cloth
Adhesive Thickness 3.75 mils
Tensile Strength 45 lbs/in.
Adhesive Rubber
Adhesion 25 oz/in.