Fiberglass Reinforced Heavy Duty Uni-Directional Filament Tape

FI-K4723 is an all purpose 9.8 mils industrial, fiberglass reinforced, paper backed, pressure sensitive strapping tape. This product features medium tensile and impact strength as well as high adhesion.

  • FI-K4723 Fiberglass Reinforced Heavy Duty Filament Tape | ECHOtape


  • Ideal for general bundling, holding, palletizing and splicing applications


6mm x 9mm x 55m
custom slitting

Technical Data

Thickness 9.8 mils
Carrier Medium Crepe Paper
Tensile 160 lbs/in.
Adhesive Natural Rubber
Adhesion 40 oz/in.
Elongation 4%
Reinforcement Fiberglass
Quick Stick / Kraft Steel 2 oz/in. / 12 oz/in.
Color Natural
Service temperature 32° F to 200° F (0° C TO 93° C)