Single Sided Thermal Break Tape

ECHOtape’s FO-V2348 Thermal Break Tape is designed for construction professionals who want to reduce thermal bridging on outer and inner framing in metal buildings.  Used primarily in the installation of metal building panels and prefabricated wall panels, this tape is applied over the top of purlins or on girt flanges to act as a barrier or flash break between the outer shell and inner framing. This tape adheres strongly to both smooth and rough surfaces including corrugated metal.

  • FO V2348 0001 web
  • FO V2348 0002 web


  • Use to create a vapor seal where large gaps occur
  • Use to make a lap joint seal on corrugated metal building panels or prefabricated wall panels
  • Use to create a flash break on metal building purlin and girt flanges

Features & Benefits

  • Easy unwind for fast application
  • An initial quick-stick helps speed up application
  • Excellent holding power and high load capability provides long term reliability
  • Conforms well to a variety of irregular surfaces
  • Helps maintain a seal in high movement joints
  • Die-cuts easily for custom sizing
  • Can be custom converted to accommodate a full range of projects


1/8 in x 2 in x 75 ft
1/8 in x 3 in x 75 ft

Technical Data

Carrier PVC foam
Total Thickness 1/8"
Tensile 60 PSI
Liner #70 Polycoated
Adhesive Acrylic
Adhesion 20 oz/in.
Elongation 120%
Compression Deflection 5 PSI
"R" Value .576
Holding Power >24 hours @ 2.2psi load R.T.
Service Temperature Range -20°F to 130°F (-29°C to 54°C)
Color Gray