All Weather Aluminum Foil Tape

MT-A7757 is a high strength multi-purpose aluminum foil tape used to primarily seal and seam a wide range of construction and building materials. It is coated with a superior performance flame retardant cold weather acrylic adhesive, and conforms well to surfaces providing a strong bond. This adhesive tape offers good reliability across both high and low temperature ranges. The paper release liner protects the adhesive from contaminants when the tape needs to be cut to specific lengths for use in tight spaces ensuring a strong bond once applied.

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  • Use to seal joints and seams of foil-faced insulation materials (UL 723 classified, CAN/ULC-S102)
  • Use to seam foil faced insulation and FSK

Features & Benefits

  • An initial quick stick helps speed up application
  • Low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
  • Mold resistant
  • Easy to remove paper liner


1.89 in x 50 yd | 48 mm x 45,72 m
2.83 in x 50 yd | 72 mm x 45,72 m
1.89 in x 100 yd | 48 mm x 91,44 m
2.83 in x 100 yd | 72 mm x 91,44 m

Technical Data

Carrier 1.6 mil Aluminum Foil
Adhesive Acrylic
Release Liner Siliconized Paper
Total Thickness 3.35 mils
Tensile 10.2 lbs/in
Adhesion ≥70 oz/in
Application Temperature -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 48°C)
Service Temperature -37°F to 248°F (-35°C to 120°C)
Color Silver
UL 723 General Use Tape Surface Burning Characteristics 38MP Applied to inorganic reinforced cement board
Flame spread 0
Smoke developed 0