Customer Spotlight Video: Pazazz Printing

What began as a modest commercial print shop in 1992 has grown to become North America’s most progressive printers, and a proud ECHOtape partner for the past six years. Learn more about Pazazz Printing.

Customer Spotlight Video: Magna Stainless & Aluminum

The alloy specialists at Montreal’s Magna Stainless and Aluminum are creating next-generation mixtures with remarkable uses. For the last six years, they have used ECHOtape’s protective adhesive films to protect metal for laser CO2 and fiber optic cutting, and when bending metals. Watch to learn more about our partnership with Magna.

6 Ways The Labor Shortage is Spurring Industry Change

With fewer young Americans choosing to learn a skilled trade and more construction employees choosing to retire, the country is experiencing a construction and skilled labor shortage. Where do we go from here? How do we cope?  Download this infographic and find six innovative solutions that may just help you think outside the box.


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ICAA Spotlight Article – Interview with Risa Edelstein from ECHOtape

The Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA), the trade association for residential and commercial thermal insulation contractors, has been helping insulators and their suppliers. Recently the editors of ICAA magazine sat down with ECHOTape’s Director of Marketing, Risa Edelstein to talk all things insulation tapes and how they might be used by an insulation contractor.

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ECHOtape Corporate Brochure

Learn more about ECHOtape as a company and why we have been the leader in adhesive tapes for more than 40 years. We specialize in developing leading-edge pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions for every job.

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Building and Construction Insulation Tapes Brochure

Read how ECHOtape’s building and construction insulation tapes exceed the highest standards for reliability, precision and superior results. See the high performance adhesive products, designed for wide temperature ranges, engineered to provide an airtight, weather poof bond.

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