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The Complete Technical Guide for Adhesive Tape

The history of stickiness didn’t actually start with tape. It’s actually credited to the bees. Or rather, woodworkers in ancient Egypt who used glue made from natural, viscous substances like beeswax and resin to hold materials together…

Best Uses for Double Sided Tape | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

Why Adhesive Tape Doesn’t Stick – Use This Checklist

When it comes to stickiness, it’s more than just tape. Temperature, weather, surface conditions, chemistry and application all play vital roles in sticky success, or failure as…

Use This Checklist to Find Out Why Your Tape Won't Stick | via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

The Complete Technical Guide for Double Sided Tape

It isn’t exciting and doesn’t win many style points, but double-sided tape may just be your project’s best kept secret. Whether you’re seaming, splicing, mounting, laminating, fixing or bonding two objects together, double sided…

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