Double Sided Tape

Meet extreme bonding power.

Our full line of specialty double sided tapes offers professionals both permanent and temporary bonding capabilities. From manufacturing to construction to exhibition applications and everything in between, our tapes deliver industrial strength and high performance in all kinds of conditions from cold weather to high heat. Many of our tapes are formulated with specialty proprietary adhesives designed to perform on the job and ensure reliability and consistency. Engineered to meet the needs of today’s market ECHOtape’s double sided tapes are used nationwide by both large and small companies who insist on using quality products.

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For more information about double sided tape, you can read more in The Complete Technical Guide to Double Sided Tape.
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Featured Double Sided Tape

So why get your tape from us?

For over 40 years, ECHOtape has worked alongside customers to find the right tape for specific application needs. Watch this video to learn more.