August 16, 2016|

Custom Tape Solutions: Solving Problems for Real Clients

  • Custom Tape Solutions for Real World Problems | Via TAPED, the ECHOtape blog

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For more than 40 years, we’ve been able to attract loyal customers simply by creating custom tape solutions to help with their problems. But… what does that look like exactly?

Consider this project:

A few years ago, a radiant barrier company reached out to us for help. They had created an easy, affordable, DIY insulation sheeting kit that would help homeowners save on energy costs. Great idea, right?!  But their original prototype included a Velcro-type hook and loop attachment, and it wasn’t holding up in extreme temperatures. What they needed was a simple, inexpensive alternative that would allow their customers to attach the sheets.

After examining the project, we suggested a double-coated, double-sided tape instead, and here is why:

  • Ultimate simplicity. Faster, safer and more versatile than screw or nails. Just put the foam tape on the corners of the sheet and apply.
  • The double-coated foam tape was more conformable for surface variations.
  • The foam tape’s acrylic adhesive system would hold up better to temperature variation and aging.
  • We could deliver pre-cut squares of the double-coated foam tape matched to their specific dimensions because of our custom converting services.

Fast-forward, and we’re happy to report that the client has been successfully selling their branded kits with our double-sided double-coated foam tape at nationwide retail stores, as well as major online retailers.

Whether it’s a project or a product, what adhesive problem can we help you solve? 

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