Why ECHOtape?

If it’s specialty tape you’re after,
you’ve come to the right place.

ECHOtape is your source for leading-edge pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions, backed by a team that stands by you as much as the product. We know having the right tape can make or break your entire process, so we work with customers as partners to help them choose the right tape for the job. From building and construction to manufacturing customers, our company is 100% committed to getting you what is best for your application. We are tape people passionate about supplying you with time-tested products that peak in performance. And it’s been this way for 45 years.

ECHOtape is continually evolving its product line and we have developed hundreds of different kinds of tapes over the years, including many best sellers across industries.

We stay on top of the latest innovations in adhesive technology and we’re constantly bringing new products to market. Yet our values stay true and timeless – we are family run and rooted with decades of experience serving customers and setting them up for business success.

When it comes to recommending the right high-performance specialty tape for every job, we live up to our long-standing reputation. Personalized support is a given and value is guaranteed. Let us bring our technical expertise and decades of adhesive tape experience to your business.

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