February 8, 2018|

CL-W6033 Vinyl Coated Black Gaffer’s Tape

PRODUCT CL-W6033 Vinyl Coated Black Gaffer's Tape CL-W6033 is a 10.5 mils high quality, vinyl coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish carrier. This product is coated with a natural rubber adhesive. CL-W6033 will conform well to irregular surfaces and will not [...]

February 8, 2018|

CL-W6039 Premium Grade Three-Coat Stucco Cloth Tape

PRODUCT CL-W6039 Premium Grade 3-Step Stucco Cloth Tape CL-W6039 is an 11.8 mils stucco cloth tape consisting of PE laminated synthetic  fiber cloth and is  coated with a rubber-based adhesive. Due to its excellent durability, UV resistance, weather resistance, and water resistance properties the [...]

February 8, 2018|

CL-W6045 Premium Grade One-Coat 7-Day Stucco Duct Tape

PRODUCT CL-W6045 Premium Grade One-Coat Stucco Duct Tape CL-W6045 is a premium grade blue cloth duct tape developed for professional stucco contractors.  It is used to protect and mask vinyl windows, profiles and door frames during outdoor stucco application on building walls.  This [...]

February 8, 2018|

DC-M155A All Weather/Cold Weather Double Sided Polyester Tape

PRODUCT DC-M155A All Weather Double Sided Polyester Tape DC-M155A is a high performance double-sided polyester film (PET) adhesive tape, coated with a specially engineered acrylic adhesive designed to work exceptionally well in cold weather temperatures. Used extensively in commercial construction including metal building [...]

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