High Performance Double Sided Tissue Splicing Tape

SC-211GN is a 6.75 mils tissue, double sided high performance splicing tape with an aggressive, high tack, high heat resistant, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. SC-211GN provides excellent quick stick and holding power, and is ideally suited for high speed flying splice applications.

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  • SC-211GN 6.75 Mils High Performance Double Sided Tissue Splicing Tape | ECHOtape


  • High speed splicing of papers, films, foils and corrugated fiber board
  • Decorative parts
  • General bonding

Features & Benefits

  • Tears easily by hand
  • Fast grabbing adhesive
  • Excellent holding power and heat resistance
  • Tissue carrier is flexible / conformable adds dimensional stability
  • Laminates well to a variety of substrates
  • Performs well over a wide temperature range


24mm to 72mm x 50m
custom slitting

Technical Data

Carrier Tissue
Adhesive Acrylic
Release Liner 145 White Polycoated Liner
Total Thickness 6.75 mils
Adhesion 70 oz/in
Service Temperature -20°C to 130°C (-4°F to 266°F)
Holding Power Minimum 12 hours at 23°C (73°F)